Ageism in Artist Relations

I started a blog the other day about my recent experience with gear for Bob Seger. As many of you know I bleed Detroit rock and roll, and Seger plays huge in my life. But as I got going on the story a couple things happened. First, Bobby Keys, the great sax player for the Stones and others passed away. I met him once at a bar in Dallas and he was as nice as can be. And today the equally devastating news that keyboardist Ian McLagan died. Both were artists that I had the highest respect for. Real, honest players.

The timing didn’t work out with the Bob Seger camp. It was a long shot but I made a batch of new friends – a fourteen-piece band with assorted crew members will do that – and it got me thinking about what part age plays in what we do. Bob Seger is almost 70 years old. Hell, I’m 60.

So here is a question: If you had an endorsement deal to offer an act, with no strings attached (unless, of course, you are a string manufacturer) and the band gave full cooperation, management was onboard, etc., would you give it to the Rolling Stones or to One Direction? It’s a loaded question with many layers and I’m interested in what you think.

I promise to get back to my Bob Seger story someday. It's a good one!