Star Power

The fashion industry has embraced it for years. Having a high profile celebrity wear a designer’s gown will almost guarantee its success with consumers. In our industry, professional audio and music equipment manufacturing, we call it artist relations and it is no less critical to marketing leaders. Unlike the fashion industry example, working with a music artist involves a high level of trust and a goal of building a real dialog with the artist and his or her team.  First and foremost, the gear (products) needs to work and perform at a high level. Your product better be good. Darn good.

It’s All About Relationships

Often, unbeknownst to sales and marketing managers, there is a chain of command, often a vague one, that differs for every artist that needs to be understood by the artist relations firm. Artist management, tour managers, publicists, techs, and sound mixers all have impact on decisions. That is what makes Guesthouse Projects special and unique in the industry. I understand this tangled scene. You’ve got one shot to involve an artist. Why not bring in an expert to help?

This Is What I Do

My extensive background in sales and marketing for pro audio manufacturers and my contacts with artists make me a perfect liaison between all parties. I understand what your team needs and I can convey that to the artist’s party. I have learned through the years that artists can be skittish and problems can arise from that. Try getting a phone call from Elton John’s lawyer saying, “We’ve got a problem.” Been there and solved it. I also know that your sales and marketing team have deadlines and commitments that involve this process. 

Some Name Dropping (Sorry, it is the nature of the job)

Here is a partial list of artists who I have worked with in partnering with my manufacturer clients.

The White Stripes, Barenaked Ladies, Norah Jones, Dido, Less Than Jake, Shelby Lynne, Queen Latifah, Dropkick Murphys, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jakob Dylan, Tommy Emmanuel, Leon Russell, Chris Tomlin, Stone Temple Pilots, Barry Manilow, Mayday Parade, Slash and many others.

How Can I Help?

Arrange a photo shoot at a concert location? I have a group of some of the finest concert photographers in the industry just a phone call away. Want to do a video with an artist? I can arrange that. Brainstorm with your marketing folks? I’m a plane ride or conference call away. My background is unique and it has given me an understanding and appreciation for relationships with artists, manufacturers, and the media. Let me bring those skills to your artist relations efforts.