In My Way And On My Nerves: A Gift From Shelby Lynne

Actually the complete sentence was, “Sounds like somebody in my way and on my nerves. I’ll give them 5-6 minutes before I go on stage in NC.” This, in an email to me from Shelby Lynne via her manager, Elizabeth Jordan, was in response to my request to shoot a promo video for my client, Heil Sound, with Shelby during her upcoming show in Raleigh NC.

This story begins a few months ago when my wife, Claudia, and I were invited to Shelby’s house for an after show party. It was a small affair with a group of friendly people from several walks of life. Shelby and Elizabeth were great hosts and at one point Shelby said to me, “You know Greg, my voice is in that microphone,” referring to the Heil Sound mic that she has been using and liking. I remembered that line and vowed to use it someday with her. In a video. In Raleigh.

My first thought after reading her response, honestly, was to pull the plug on the whole deal. Take the coward’s way out. But I realized that Shelby was right. We would be in her way and, most likely, would get on her nerves. But I also knew that when that promo train leaves the proverbial station, you not only better be on it, you are on it. Shelby’s management team, the road crew, band, video crew, and venue were all on alert ready to go and we were going to make this happen.

My brother Scott and his company, Incue, have become my go-to partners in the US when the opportunity to shoot an artist video arises. Based in Raleigh NC, via Hollywood CA, Scott creates a relaxed atmosphere for everyone and brings a high level of professionalism and experience. He’s shot interviews with a “who’s who” list of celebrities through the years and nothing throws him.  I’m lucky to have him on my team.

I’ve always been a “no news is good news” sort of guy when I know that the task, whatever it may be, is in capable hands. Still, I was pacing the cage all day waiting for a call from Scott to tell me that the shoot was going great and Shelby had delivered those six precious words: “My voice is in that microphone.”

Finally the phone rings and it’s Scott with a report. She wouldn’t say the line but she sang a song about Heil Sound that, I suspect, she made up on the spot. Did I mention that Shelby Lynne is a Grammy winner? A gift of gold.