Holy Holy NAMM

It’s been far too long since I last wrote a blog. Truth be told I’ve been pleasantly swamped with work having added Martin Audio to my group of clients. There is a great synergy that is happening these days between Heil Sound, Ultimate Ears, Sony Pro Audio, and Martin Audio, although only Martin Audio requires a basic knowledge of truck space. The others use the overhead bin.

One goal that I set for myself this year, and something that I’ve written about previously, was to visit more and listen more. I’ve been to everything from hip-hop shows at the famed Shrine Auditorium, Pucifer at the Ace Hotel, rehearsals for Barry Manilow’s Christmas show and everything in between. I love it. I still contend that nothing beats a face-to-face conversation when it comes to pro audio gear and artists.

My most recent endeavor is with Sony, Heil Sound and the Tony Visconti/Woody Woodmansey “Holy Holy” tour. This band of all stars will be performing “The Man Who Sold The World” on the east coast and it will be amazing. Steve McGuire is mixing FOH and Tour Managing, and it’s been a riot fielding phone calls from him and hearing the scoop. You forget how many details a FOH engineer that is also tour managing must contend with – all of the audio/production advance details, hiring tour buses, crew, itineraries, press requests, not to mention artists personal details like making sure Woody will have an oscillating fan at every show (a very good idea) – among others. 

So now we are headed to NAMM. I’m looking forward to this one as two of my clients, Heil Sound and Ultimate Ears are doing some interesting things. Actually, interesting isn’t the right term. This stuff is downright cool.

First, Heil Sound is kicking off a yearlong celebration of their 50th year in the business. A new booth, new videos, as well as the introduction of a regular ongoing podcast series called “Bob Heil – 50 Years of Maximum Rock & Roll.” I’ve heard the first couple episodes and they are terrific. If you are at NAMM Friday join us at booth #7018 for cake and champagne. The goodies will arrive at 4 pm.

Ultimate Ears, on the other hand, isn’t looking back in terms of history but looking way forward. They have set a goal of scanning ten thousand NAMM attendees with their groundbreaking 3D Digital Ear Scan. Four UE booths will be at the show – one in each exhibit hall – and…all heck will break loose. They’ve got daily drawings, a grand drawing, bells, balloons, buttons and stuff. When Mike Dias tried to explain it to me I realized that I could never properly describe it. I trust him so, trust me, it will be great!

Here’s wishing a great holiday to everyone and I hope to see you in Anaheim!