“Greg McVeigh is my secret weapon. My ace up my sleeve. My first go-to guy. I never make a move without talking to Greg first. Here's why. When I have a dumb idea, Greg is the only one honest enough to tell me so. And when I have a decent idea, he suggests ways to make it better. Then he makes a few calls and makes it all happen. When I grow up, I want to be Greg's rolodex. – Mike Dias, Sales Director for Ultimate Ears

 "I've been a good friend of Greg McVeigh's for years now, and I can always count on his expertise in helping select the appropriate sonic solutions for any application I need. I really appreciate his fast response, technical advice and knowledge of so much of the up-to-date gear I haven't had the chance to use myself. A great go-to guy that is always happy to help."  – Dave Catching, Eagles of Death Metal, Rancho de la Luna recording studio

"Greg McVeigh and I have worked together with several clients. He is both pragmatic and creative, traits that are rarely compatible. He brings a wealth of experience as well as an eye for modern methods and strategies for business." – Mike Newman, Michael Newman Consulting

"When it was time to create a Kickstarter campaign for the last $250,000 for 'The Wrecking Crew,' Greg was there. We set up screenings around the country and worked it. Greg worked the press, his personal contacts and spoke to some of the biggest music manufacturers around. There wasn't ever a time that Greg wasn't thinking outside the box to push for one more contact. In the end, our Kickstarter campaign was the top third documentary ever funded. I give Greg so much of the credit for his never-ending help in making that happen.  – Denny Tedesco, director of 'The Wrecking Crew' 

"Over the years whether on tour, introducing a new artist or asking for some swag for a benefit, Greg has always been interested and very helpful. Understanding my needs and getting me Heil, UE, Sony or Martin Audio products wherever I may be in the world!" – Jimmy Ace, Sound Engineer for Chris Isaak, the Wallflowers, Supertramp, the B52's and American Idol

“Greg, we are so happy to have a great PR person like you!”  –Sarah Heil, President Heil Sound